Removing Replacing the Hard Disk Drive Assembly

The procedure for removing and replacing the Hard Disk Drive assembly is as follows:

  1. Power down the notebook, disconnect the AC adapter, if installed, and remove the battery pack as described in Paragraph 6.5.1.
  2. Disconnect any peripheral device interface cables from the external interface connectors and remove any installed PCMCIA options.
  3. Turn the computer over and locate the release tab for the hard disk drive bay cover (refer to Figure 6-4).
  4. While pressing slightly on the release tab (Figure 6-4), slide the cover to the right and set aside.

Bottom of Unit

Figure 6-4 Removing the HDD Bay Cover

5. While lifting upward on the HDD release tab ( using your fingernails), use both finger grip areas (Figure 6-5) and pull the HDD module out of the notebook.

CAUTION: Exercise care to only handle the drive by its sides to prevent damage to the drive.

  1. Store the HDD in an antistatic bag.
  2. Replacement is the reverse of Steps 1 through 5.

Removing the HDD

Figure 6-5 Removing/Replacing the Hard Disk Drive Module

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