Extensa x Series Notebooks

Both the Extensa 60x Series and the 65x Series share a great deal of commonality (similar physical construction and operating system software). However, in contrast to the 60x Series, the Extensa 65x Series Notebooks feature a faster Pentium Processor (133 MHz), more onboard RAM (16 MB), and a greater maximum memory size (80 MB). The 65x Series also contain a Fast Infrared port (4 Mb/s FIR) and greater expandability through the Port Replicator and APCI Board (described in greater detail in the following paragraphs).

Some of the other features of the 65x Series include:

PCI Bus architecture

16 MB (Extended Data Out) memory

2 MB video memory

Fast video graphics accelerator

0-Volt Suspend, 5-Volt Suspend and Standby power saving modes

No-reboot setup function

STN or TFT color display (Model Dependent)

16-bit stereo audio

Fast infrared communication

Duracell NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) or optional Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) battery pack

1.08 GB (or higher) capacity hard disk drive with Local Bus Internal touchpad pointing device Small, lightweight AC adapter Modular bay for expansion

PS/2 port for connecting an external keyboard, numeric keypad, or mouse 9-pin serial port for connecting external devices such as a modem or mouse Simultaneous display with external CRT

One Type III or two Type II/I Cardbus PC Card slots; lower slot accepts Zoomed Video port enabled PC cards

Parallel port with EPP and ECP for connecting to a printer or the floppy disk drive module

8 MB, 16 MB and 32 MB EDO 64-bit type small outline dual inline memory module (soDIMM) upgrades

Advanced PCI Card slot for installing a feature upgrade option

Cover Release

Button Right Speaker

Parallel Port Cover
Figure 1-2 60x/65x Notebook External Features

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