Expansion Capabilities

The Extensa 60x and 65x Series Notebooks are designed with a variety of expansion features that permit substantial functionality and performance upgrades over the life of the product. The expansion capabilities built into the notebook are summarized in Table 1-6 and described in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Expansion Feature


CD-ROM Drive

Reads from Audio CD, Photo CD or CD ROM

3.5-inch Diskette Drive Module

Provides convenient storage on a removable disk format

Memory Expansion Features

Main memory can be expanded from 8 MB to a maximum of 64 MB (60x Series) or 16 MB to maximum of 80 MB (65x Series) using soDIMM modules (8 MB, 16 MB or 32 MB configurations).

Flash ROM (hardware feature)

Permits new versions of BIOS to be downloaded into Flash ROM without physically having to replace the ROMs


Allows installation of any optional PCMCIA device such as speakerphone modems, Ethernet® cards, and full motion video cards.

Desktop Connectivity Ports

Permits attaching a variety of external devices to the notebook including external CRTs, keyboards, mouse devices, modems, printers, etc.

Port Replicator (65x Series only)

Device that attaches to the Expansion Bus on the 65x Series and provides the connectivity for the desktop environment. Removing and replacing the notebook from/to the desktop environment is greatly simplified using the Port Replicator option.

1.2.10 PCMCIA Card Options

The Notebook contains an onboard PCMCIA Controller and two 64-pin sockets that can accept up to two credit-card size (14.5 mm) Type I or Type II PCMCIA option cards or one Type III card. The PCMCIA Card options install on the left side of the notebook (Figure 1-4) and are removed using the PCMCIA Release Buttons.

PCMCIA Release Buttons

One or two Type I/ II PCMCIA Option Cards or one Type III Option Card

Figure 1-5 Installing PCMCIA Card Options

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