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All members of the Extensa 57x Series are high performance notebooks powered by the Pentium™ Processor and Windows 95 Operating System software.

As a standard feature, all members of the Extensa 57x family also contain the following features:

  • 100 MHz Pentium Processor with 16K Internal Cache Memory.
  • 8 MB of RAM memory standard, user-expandable to 40 MB (easy access via door at bottom of notebook).
  • 256 KB L2 Cache.
  • 128 bytes of battery-backed up CMOS RAM.
  • High performance PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Bus Architecture; PCI Bus Expansion port for use with optional Expansion System.
  • Removable Hard Disk Drive (810 or 1200 million byte capacity).
  • Removable 1.44 MB Floppy Drive (interchangeable with optional CD-ROM Drive or Lithium-Ion secondary battery pack).
  • Two PCMCIA option slots (one slot accepts one Type I/II option and the second slot accepts either a Type I, II, or III device).
  • Ergonomic keyboard with palm rest (2.7 mm travel); built-in glidepad pointing device and palm rest below the keyboard.
  • Built-in support for a CD-ROM drive (4X or 6X speed).
  • Built-in 16-bit stereo sound system (including stereo speakers and internal microphone)
  • Removable 3.5 inch, 1.44 MB Floppy Drive (interchangeable with second Lithium-Ion battery or CD-ROM option).
  • Choice of LCD displays: 10.4 inch Active Matrix (TFT), SVGA Color LCD or 11.3 inch, dual scan, SVGA color LCD; 1 MB video RAM.
  • Support for internal SVGA LCD display only, external SVGA Monitor only, or simultaneous SVGA LCD and external SVGA monitor.
  • LCD Status Panel displays icons to indicate when AC adapter is plugged in, power savings mode is on, battery in use (blinks if battery is low), floppy drive in use, hard disk activity indicator, PCMCIA cards installed, CD-ROM drive activity, and keyboard modes (e.g.. Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Pad Lock etc.).
  • AC Adapter with autosensing (100 VAC to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz); 36 Watts of DC output power.
  • 8.4 Volt, 4200 mAH capacity, Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) primary battery pack.
  • Provisions for secondary 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Pack in Floppy Drive cavity (if Floppy Drive or CD ROM Player not installed).
  • Power management features for longer portable operation away from AC power.
  • Full range of external ports including: EPP/ECP Parallel Port, Serial Port, External VGA Port, PS/2™ Port, and Serial Infrared Port. All Models of the 57x family include Audio In/Out and Microphone In jacks.

TFT or Dual Scan Color Status LCD Display

TFT or Dual Scan Color Status LCD Display

Figure 1-2 Extensa 57X Series Features

1.4.1 External Ports

As shown in Figure 1-3, the notebook computer contains the following external ports:

  • Serial Infrared (SIR) Port for wireless connection with a similarly equipped printer or computer
  • 9-Pin Serial Port for attaching any RS-232 type serial device to the Notebook
  • 15-Pin External VGA Monitor Port for attaching an external monitor
  • 6-Pin PS/2 Port to attach an external Keyboard or Mouse
  • Audio In/Out and External Microphone Input
  • Expansion Bus Port for attaching an external expansion system

Audio Line In/Out/Mic In




PS/2 Port

Connector for External Expansior System

PS/2 Port



Figure 1-3 Notebook External Ports

1.4.2 Glidepad Pointing Device

All members of the Extensa 57x family feature a built-in glidepad pointing device located near the center of the keyboard's palmrest. With light finger pressure, the cursor can quickly be positioned to the desired point; a quick double tap on the glidepad and you have selected an object. Two select buttons (switches) are located along the front edge of the notebook for use in the traditional select/drag features of a mouse device.

Figure 1-4 Extensa 57X Series Glidepad

1.4.3 Keyboard

The Extensa 57x Series Keyboard is a full function keyboard with the standard character and function keys plus 12 programmable function keys (F1 through F12).

Using the Special Function (Fn) key which assigns multiple functions to keys, the keyboard can emulate IBM® 101/102 keyboards.

The notebook keyboard is available in two basic versions:

  • U.S. English - This version (also known as the domestic version) is generally used in the United States and Canada.
  • U.K. English/Custom International Version - This version is adapted (using appropriate keycap changes) for the international countries listed in Table 1-2.

Note: The Extensa Series Notebook Computer User's Reference Manual contains descriptions of keyboard special function keys.

Esc F1




1 F9 1

D [ F11 ^

l|pLk| S

t Sc 11 ysRq J 1

Scroll III ock III

Pause Break


@] # 23




— -I-








U 4 *-

n 5 o

6 P -

i [[

} l



Caps A Lock







I -*-1







l> ■ Del

? / Shift ; ^

t «Ï


Fn Ctrl



Alt Ins




Figure 1-5 Extensa Keyboard

Figure 1-5 Extensa Keyboard Controls and Indicators

The Extensa 57x contains a Power Button and a Status LCD just above the keyboard. All notebook functions (except the power On/Off function) are controlled by keyboard keys in conjunction with the Fn key.

1.4.4 Standard Power Features

Notebook power for the Extensa 57x Series Notebook Computers is provided by an AC Adapter and a rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack that installs in a power bay near the front of the notebook (right side).

A second lithium ion battery may optionally be installed in the Floppy Drive bay when the Floppy Drive is removed from the Notebook.

All members of the Extensa 57x family feature a power management subsystem (hardware and software) that provides for longer portable operation and protection of files during low battery conditions.

Note: The Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery requires periodic battery conditioning in order to charge to full capacity. To accomplish this, remove the AC Adapter and the secondary battery pack (if installed). Allow the notebook to deep discharge. Then, recharge to full capacity. The secondary battery pack is a Lithium-Ion type that does not require conditioning.

1.4.5 Wireless Connection With Serial Infrared Port

The Extensa Series notebooks are equipped with a Serial Infrared (IR) port that offers wireless communication with a variety of IRDA™ compliant devices made by other manufacturers.

Note: Prior to communicating with an external device equipped with a serial infrared interface, the appropriate third-party drivers must be installed on your notebook.

1.4.6 Preloaded Software

All members of the Extensa 57x Notebook family are preloaded with the Windows 95 Operating System. In addition, Extensa 575CD and 575 CDT models come standard with the following application packages installed:

  • Microsoft™ Works
  • Quicken SE
  • Lotus™ Organizer
  • Microsoft Entertainment Pack No. 4

1.4.7 Notebook Expansion Capabilities

Expansion capabilities built into the Extensa notebook series include:

  • User installable expansion RAM memory (to a maximum of 40 MB)
  • By removing the floppy drive, you can add either a second battery pack or CD-ROM Drive.
  • Cable Connect PS/2 Numeric Keypad option, TI Part No. 2581381-0001, or other PS/2 type device (e.g. keyboard or mouse) can be attached to the PS/2 Port.
  • A parallel device can be attached to the notebook's external 25-pin parallel port (EPP/ECP compatible).
  • With one of the DockMate desktop expansion systems installed, additional expansion ports are available

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