Notebook Controls and Indicators

The Extensa Series Notebooks are equipped with the following controls and indicators:

  • Alternate action Power Button in the upper left corner above the keyboard
  • Status LCD centered above the keyboard - ICONs are used to convey status information (refer to Figure 3-1)
  • Embedded special function keys in the keyboard (including Contrast and Brightness Control) are activated by the Fn key
Figure 3-1 Extensa Series Controls and Indicators

3.2.1 LCD Contrast Control

The TFT version of the notebook contains no operating controls or indicators. Use the function keys to adjust the contrast and brightness. TFT versions are unaffected by contrast "key" adjustments.

3.2.2 Button Switches

The notebook contains one button switch above the keyboard: the Power On/Off Switch. This button is an alternate action type switch that controls power to the unit. Pressing the Power button causes power to be applied to the notebook, power up self test to be run and Windows 95 to be loaded. When the Power button is pressed again, the Notebook powers down and all data in RAM memory is lost.

3.2.3 Cover Release Latch

The Notebook contains a Cover Release latch near the center of the top cover. To open the notebook, lift up on the release mechanism along the front edge of the notebook.

3.2.4 Glidepad Controls

The Extensa 57x Series Notebook Computers are equipped with a built-in mouse device called the glidepad physically located at the base of the keyboard (refer to Figure 3-1).

The cursor is positioned by touching and dragging your finger in the direction you want the cursor to go. The select functions are performed either by tapping the glidepad or by pressing the two buttons (switches) at the bottom of the keyboard.

You can change the operation of the pad by changing values in the mouse section of the Windows 95 Control Panel. Once your cursor is in the proper place and you want to select, use the left button to click or double-click just as you would with a mouse.

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