Notebook Assemblies and Subassemblies

The Extensa Series Notebooks are modular in design and can be disassembled for maintenance purposes using a standard set of flat-bladed, Phillips-head and hexagonal screwdrivers. The major assemblies that comprise a typical notebook in the Extensa family are shown in Figure 1-6 and briefly described in the following paragraphs.

Flood Light Parts

1.6.1 Cover-Display Assembly

The Cover-Display Assembly contains the LCD screen and associated high voltage power supply and video circuitry. The Cover-Display Assembly contains several field-replaceable components including:

  • LCD Assembly
  • Inverter Board
  • Bezel
  • Hinge Covers
  • Internal cables

1.6.2 System Base Assembly

As shown in Figure 1-6, the majority of the notebook's field replaceable units (FRUs) are located in the system base assembly. These FRUs include:

  • Main Board Assembly
  • Hard Disk Drive Assembly
  • Up to two Dual Inline Memory Modules
  • LCD Status Assembly
  • Floppy Drive Module
  • IR/Sound Board Assembly
  • Power Supply Board Assembly
  • Battery Pack Assembly
  • Top Case Assembly
  • Glidepad Assembly
  • Keyboard Assembly
  • CMOS Battery Assembly
  • HDD Connector Board Assembly

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