Using the Keyboard

The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function and special keys.

Lock Keys and embedded numeric keypad

The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off.

Lock key


Caps Lock

When Caps Lock is on, all alphabetic characters typed are in uppercase.

Num Lock <Fn> + <F11>

When Num Lock is on, the embedded keypad is in numeric mode. The keys function as a calculator (complete with the arithmetic operators +, -, *, and /). Use this mode when you need to do a lot of numeric data entry. A better solution would be to connect an external keypad.

Scroll Lock <Fn> + <F12>

When Scroll Lock is on, the screen moves one line up or down when you press the up or down arrow keys respectively. Scroll Lock does not work with some applications.

The embedded numeric keypad functions like a desktop numeric keypad. It is indicated by small characters located on the upper right corner of the keycaps. To simplify the keyboard legend, cursor-control key symbols are not printed on the keys.

Desired access

Num Lock on

Num Lock off

Number keys on embedded keypad

Type numbers in a normal manner.

Cursor-control keys on embedded keypad

Hold <Shift> while using cursor-control keys.

Hold <Fn> while using cursor-control keys.

Main keyboard keys

Hold <Fn> while typing letters on embedded keypad.

Type the letters in a normal manner.

Windows Keys

The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions.



Windows key

Pressed alone, this key has the same effect as clicking on the Windows Start button; it launches the Start menu. It can also be used with other keys to provide a variety of functions:

< >: Open or close the Start menu <®> + <D>: Display the desktop <®> + <E>: Open Windows Explore <®> + <F>: Search for a file or folder <®> + <G>: Cycle through Sidebar gadgets

<®> + <L>: Lock your computer (if you are connected to a network domain), or switch users (if you're not connected to a network domain)

<®> + <T>: Cycle through programs on the taskbar

<®> + <X>: Open Windows Mobility Center

<®> + <BREAK>: Display the System Properties dialog box

<®> + <SHIFT+M>: Restore minimized windows to the desktop

<®> + <TAB>: Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D

<®> + <SPACEBAR>: Bring all gadgets to the front and select Windows Sidebar

<CTRL> + <®> + <F>: Search for computers (if you are on a network)

<CTRL> + <®> + <TAB>: Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D Note: Depending on your edition of Windows Vista, some shortcuts may not function as described.

Application key

This key has the same effect as clicking the right mouse button; it opens the application's context menu.

Special Key

You can locate the Euro symbol and the US dollar sign at the upper-center and/or bottom-right of your keyboard.

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