Using Boot Sequence Selector

Boot Sequence Selector allows the boot order to be changed without accessing the BIOS. To use Boot Sequence Selector, perform the following steps:

  1. Enter into DOS.
  2. Execute BS.exe to display the usage screen.

"« Boot Sequence Selecter Version 0.G3 Create by Rockwell Chuang 10/01/2005.

I Floppy ] => [HardDisk] => [ CD-ROH 1 => f LRN ]

  • HfirHDiskl r Cn-Bf)M 1 => I ION 1 I Floppy 1
  • CD-ROH 1 => [HardDisk] => [ LOH ] => [ Floppy 1
  • gt; [ Floppy ] =i> [HardDisk] => [ CD-RCH I


Select the desired boot sequence by entering the corresponding sequence, for example, enter BS2 to change the boot sequence to HDD|CD ROM|LAN|Floppy.

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