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The Extensa Series Notebooks use the Duracell DR35 as the primary battery pack. Specifications for the Primary Battery Pack are provided in Table 4-4.

Table 4-4 Primary Battery Pack Specifications



Battery type

NiMH (Nickel Metal-Hydride)

Cell structure

9 cells per pack (in series)

Nominal voltage

10.8 V

Cell energy capacity Typical Minimum

2400 mAH 2500 mAH 2330 mAH

Nominal rated capacity

27 Watt-hours

Operating Temperature_ Discharge Charge

-20 to 50°C (at 95%RH) 0 to 45°C (at 95%RH)

Charge and discharge cycles

500 (minimum)


470 grams

Battery discharge time

3 hours (with APM) Battery charge time

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