Handling the Computer Battery Pack

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The battery pack furnished with the computer requires reasonable care and handling to ensure efficient operation and maximum life. Periodically inspect the battery terminals and the batteries for evidence of corrosion and oxide build-up; clean if necessary.

To ensure that the battery pack endures a normal life cycle, always observe the following precautions when handling the battery pack:

  • Do not drop the battery pack or subject it to excessive shock and vibration.
  • Do not expose the battery pack to direct sunlight, moisture, or chemical compounds.
  • Do not disassemble the battery pack.
  • Do not use the battery pack to power other devices.
  • Do not short the battery leads or connect the battery with reversed polarity.
  • Never attempt to charge the battery pack in any way other than as described in this manual.
  • Always charge the battery pack as soon as possible after a low battery indication.

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