Removing the KeyboardLCD Module

Removing the Keyboard

  1. Use a plastic flat head screw driver or any plastic tool to detach the middle cover carefully.
  2. Then remove the middle cover from the main unit.
  1. Remove the two screws holding the keyboard.
  2. Turn the keyboard over as the picture shows.
  3. Disconnect the keyboard cable then remove the keyboard.

Removing the LCD module

  1. Remove the middle cover. See step 1 and step 2 on "Removing the Keyboard" section.
  2. Remove one screw as the picture shows.
  3. Then disconnect the LCD coaxial cable.
Acer Extensa 2900 Remove Keyboard
  1. Remove the six screws on the rear and the bottom panel; three on each side.
  2. Then detach the entire LCD module.

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