Changing a Password

1. Use the t and i keys to highlight the Set Supervisor Password parameter and press the Enter key. The Set Password box appears.

Set Supervisor Password

Enter Current Password Enter New Password Confirm New Password

  1. Type the current password in the Enter Current Password field and press Enter.
  2. Type a password in the Enter New Password field. Retype the password in the Confirm New Password field.
  3. Press Enter. After setting the password, the computer sets the User Password parameter to "Set".
  4. If desired, you can enable the Password on boot parameter.
  5. When you are done, press F10 to save the changes and exit the BIOS Setup Utility. If the verification is OK, the screen will display as following.



in saved. ]

The password setting is complete after the user presses Enter.

If the current password entered does not match the actual current password, the screen will show you the Setup Warning.

Setup Warning



zord. ]

If the new password and confirm new password strings do not match, the screen displays the following message.

Setup Warning

Passwo Re-e

rds do no nter pass

t match. word.

This menu allows the user to decide the order of boot devices to load the operating system. Bootable devices includes the USB diskette drives, the onboard hard disk drive and the DVD drive in the module bay.



Use <t > or <4 > to select


IDE2 :

a device, then press



<F5> to move it down the



list, or <F6> to move


Network Boot : Atheros Boot Agent

it up the list. Press



<Esc> to escape the menu





Help ^n Select Item Exit Select Menu

F5 En

Change Values ^KQ Setup Default Select ► SubMenu BFM Save and Exit


The Exit screen allows you to save or discard any changes you made and quit the BIOS Utility.

Nsydeh20 Setup Utility
The table below describes the parameters in this screen.



Exit Saving Changes

Exit System Setup and save your changes to CMOS.

Exit Discarding Changes

Exit utility without saving setup data to CMOS.

Load Setup Default

Load default values for all SETUP item.

Discard Changes

Load previous values from CMOS for all SETUP items.

Save Changes

Save Setup Data to CMOS.

The BIOS flash memory update is required for the following conditions:

  • New versions of system programs
  • New features or options
  • Restore a BIOS when it becomes corrupted. Use the Phlash utility to update the system BIOS flash ROM.

NOTE: If you do not have a crisis recovery diskette at hand, then you should create a Crisis Recovery Diskette before you use the Phlash utility.

NOTE: Do not install memory-related drivers (XMS, EMS, DPMI) when you use the Phlash.

NOTE: Please use the AC adaptor power supply when you run the Phlash utility. If the battery pack does not contain enough power to finish BIOS flash, you may not boot the system because the BIOS is not completely loaded.

Fellow the steps below to run the Phlash.

  1. Prepare a bootable diskette.
  2. Copy the flash utilities to the bootable diskette.
  3. Then boot the system from the bootable diskette. The flash utility has auto-execution function.

Perform the following steps to use the DOS Flash Utility:

  1. Press F2 during boot to enter the Setup Menu.
  2. Select Boot Menu to modify the boot priority order, for example, if using USB HDD to Update BIOS, move USB HDD to position 1.
Insydeh20 Setup Utility Boot

2. IDE2


4 Network Bnnt : Atheros Boot Agent I 5. USB HDÜH 6. USB CDROM :

Use <t > or <t > to select a device, then press <F5> to move it down the list, or <F6> to move it up the list. Press <Esc> to escape the menu



Help ^n Select Item Exit B9 Select Menu

F5 En

Change Values ^KQ Setup Default Select ► SubMenu BFhI Save and Exit

3. Execute the IFLASH.BAT batch file to update BIOS. The flash process begins as shown.

Insyde Flash Utility for InsydeH20

Version l.Zn


File loading 1B0 %

Current BIOS Hödel nans : JflTIB Hew BIOS Model name : JflTlB

Current BIOS version: UB.Z1 Hew BIOS version: UB.Z3

Updating Block at FFFF9BB8

4. In flash BIOS, the message Please do not remove AC Power Source displays.

NOTE: If the AC power is not connected, the following message displays.

MintV HI ' ■ " " " 1 " ' 'l , ifikllii HI f!H4:|bl M m HI I ihTIHM^ 1 HI 1.04)pS76 HS 07 HW1H B filets) -l.7B4.iJ29 ¡Pes 2 dirts) 2,781.335,552 bytes

: !I,|| i !oU<t free

C :\H0M\JRT18> flash jatl0023

C:\HDHNjflT10>flashit jatl0623.fd /FE /B


1 ^^^^ Harnning: No AC

power connect




/i ([-


Plug in the AC power to continue.

5. Flash is complete when the message Flash programming complete displays.

Perform the following steps to use the WinFlash Utility:

  1. Double click the WinFlash executable.
  2. Click OK to begin the update. A progress screen displays.

3. When the process is complete, close all programs and applications and reboot the system.

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