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3. Press down the left and right sides of the Power Board to locate the securing pins.
4. Replace the single securing screw and press down on the FFC (green callout) to secure it to the Upper Cover.

1. Place the Upper Cover on the Lower Cover left side 2. Press down the Upper Cover at either side to snap it first as shown. in to place.

3. Continue pressing down both sides of the Upper Cover and along the bottom edge to snap the covers together.

NOTE: Ensure there are no gaps between the Upper and Lower Covers. 4. Replace the five securing screws in the Upper Cover.

5. Reconnect the following cables to the Mainboard.


6. Turn the computer over and replace the nine securing screws as shown.

NOTE: Ensure the correct screw type is used for each hole. Red callout: M2*3, Green callout: M2*6.

1. Turn the computer over. Insert the Keyboard FFC in 2. Close the FFC locking latch as shown. to the Mainboard connector.

3. Turn the Keyboard over and slide it in the direction of 4. Using the tweezers, push the locking latch in and the arrow. press down in the areas indicated to secure the


IMPORTANT: Ensure the Keyboard slides underneath the two securing pins.

1. Turn the computer over. Insert the WLAN board in to 2. Replace the single securing screw. the WLAN slot.

  1. Secure the cables in place with adhesive tape.
  2. Connect the two Antenna cables to the WLAN board.
  3. Secure the cables in place with adhesive tape.

IMPORTANT: The black cable attaches to the MAIN (J3) terminal and the gray cable attaches to the AUX (J2) terminal.

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