Replacing the LCD Panel

1. Replace the LCD Panel top edge first as shown.

Acer Aod150 Lcd Panel

2. Ensure the cables pass through the hinge wells as shown and rotate the panel downward in to the LCD Module.

3. Replace the two securing screws.
Acer Aspire 5517 Lcd Lid Sensor

1. Place the Camera Module in the LCD Module and press down to secure it in place.

Acer Aspire 5738 Lid Sensor

2. Connect the Camera cable as shown.

Replacing Acer 7720 Lid

IMPORTANT: If the LCD Bezel is replaced, remove the lid sensor magnet from the bezel, and attach it to the replacement bezel.

Acer Aspire Lid Sensor Magnet

1. Replace the bezel bottom edge first as shown. 2.

Starting at the hinge wells, press down to secure the bezel in place.

3. Press down around the edges of the bezel to secure it in place.
How Run Acer One Laptop Power Cord
4. Replace the four screws and screw caps.

_ I





IMPORTANT: The Extensions may not represent the actual model. During the removal and replacement of components, ensure all available cable channels and clips are used and that the cables are replaced in the same position.

1. Ensure the left side Power and MIC cables run as shown.

NOTE: The MIC cable runs underneath the left side bracket extension.

Aod150 Lcd Repair
2. Replace the left side LCD Bracket Extension an press down to secure it in place.
3. Replace the right side LCD Bracket Extension an press down to secure it in place.

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