DOS Flash Utility

Perform the following steps to use the DOS Flash Utility:

  1. Press F2 during boot to enter the Setup Menu.
  2. Select Boot Menu to modify the boot priority order, for example, if using USB HDD to Update BIOS, move USB HDD to position 1.

Phoenix SecureCore(tm) Setup Utility




urity Intel Boot



Insydeh20 Setup Utility Boot Menu

3. Execute the IFLASH.BAT batch file to update BIOS.

The flash process begins as shown.

Insyde Flash Utility for InsydeH20

Version l.Zn


File loading 1B0 %

Current BIOS Hödel nans : JflTIB Hew BIOS Model name : JflTlB

Current BIOS version: UB.Z1 Hew BIOS version: UB.Z3

Updating Block at FFFF9B88

4. In flash BIOS, the message Please do not remove AC Power Source displays.

NOTE: If the AC power is not connected, the following message displays.

MintV HI ' ■ " " " 1 " ' 'l , ifikllii HI f!H4:|bl M m HI I ihTIHM^ 1 HI 1.04)pS76 HS 07 HW1H B filets) -l.7B4.iJ29 ¡Pes 2 dirts) 2,781.335,552 bytes

: !I,|| i !oU<t free

C :\H0M\JRT18> flash jatl0823

C:\HDHNjflT10>flashit jatl0623.fd /FE /B


1 ^^^^ Harnning: No AC

power connect




/i ([-


Plug in the AC power to continue.

5. Flash is complete when the message Flash programming complete displays.

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