Replacing the Power Board

1. Place the Power Board front edge first on to the Upper Cover to seat the locating pin.

Acer Ao531h Hinge Repair
2. Replace the two securing screws.
3. Insert the FFC in to the Power Board connector and close the locking latch.
5739g Bios Jumper
  1. Place the Upper Cover on the Lower Cover rear edge first as shown.
  2. Lower the Upper Cover in to place as shown.
  3. Lower the Upper Cover in to place as shown.
  1. Replace the left side cover, front edge first, as shown.
  2. Press the cover in to place so that there are no gaps between the Upper an left covers.

5. Replace the right side cover, front edge first, as 6. Press the cover in to place so that there are no gaps shown. between the Upper an right covers.

7. Close the lid and replace the left hinge cover as shown.
8. Replace the right hinge cover as shown.
9. Replace the two securing screws in the hinges.
10. Reconnect the following cables to the Mainboard.
Testing Board Acer 1410

11. Replace the nine securing screws in the Upper Cover.

NOTE: Ensure the correct screw type is used for each hole. Red callout: M2*5, Green callout: M2*3.

Over Hole Laptop Acer Aspire 4720z

1. Turn the computer over. Insert the Keyboard FFC in 2. Close the FFC locking latch as shown. to the Mainboard connector.

3. Turn the Keyboard over and slide it in the direction of the arrow.

IMPORTANT: Ensure the four securing tabs slide underneath the Upper Cover to secure the keyboard in place.

Replacing Keyboard Aspire One
4. Press the Keyboard down as shown to engage the three securing clips.

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