Clearing Password Check and BIOS Recovery

This section provides you the standard operating procedures of clearing password and BIOS recovery for Aspire one. Aspire one provide one Hardware Open Gap on main board for clearing password check, and one Hotkey for enabling BIOS Recovery.

Clearing Password Check Hardware Open Gap Description




CMOS Jumper

Clear CMOS password

Upper Mainboard near card reader

Acer Aspire 7520 Bios Batterie

Steps for Clearing BIOS Password Check

If users set BIOS Password (Supervisor Password and/or User Password) for a security reason, BIOS will ask the password during systems POST or when systems enter to BIOS Setup menu. However, once it is necessary to bypass the password check, users need to short the HW Gap to clear the password by the following steps:

  • Power Off a system, and remove HDD, AC and Battery from the machine.
  • Open the back cover of the machine, and find out the HW Gap on M/B as picture.
  • Use an electric conductivity tool to short the two points of the HW Gap for three seconds.
  • Plug in AC, keep the short condition on the HW Gap, and press Power Button to power on the system till BIOS POST finish. Then remove the tool from the HW Gap.
  • Restart system. Press F2 key to enter BIOS Setup menu.
  • If there is no Password request, BIOS Password is cleared. Otherwise, please follow the steps and try again.

NOTE: The steps are only for clearing BIOS Password (Supervisor Password and User Password).

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