Removing the Wireless LAN CardTV Tunder Card and System Fan Remove the two screws fastening the wire

  1. Disconnect the main and auxiliary antennae from the wireless LAN card.
  2. Then take out the wireless LAN card from the main unit.
Acer Aspire 4732z Wireless
  1. Remove the two screws fastening the TV tuner card.
  2. Disconnect the TV-in cable then remove the TV tuner card.
Acer Aspire 4715z Wireless Lan Antenna
  1. Remove two screws holding the support holder as shown.
  2. Remove four screws fastening the support holder on the rear side as shown.
  3. Detach the support holder from the main unit.
  1. Remove the three screws holding the system fan.
  2. Disconnect the fan cable from the main board.
  3. Take out the system fan from the main unit as shown.

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    How to remove network card on travelmate 8471?
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