Hard Disk Password Function Password on boot function

This feature allows the user to set the password to prevent any unauthorized access to the internal hard disk.

□ If the original HDD come from other machine with password protected, the system just show " Enter HDD password [ ]"

User is required to enter HDD password when system boot up.

  • If user enter the wrong password, it will pop out message "Setup Warning, Invalid Passwrod"
  • If the password is correct, system will continue to boot up into OS.
  • quot;Password on boot"
  • Password on boot is "Disabled", the system will NOT POP any password prompt windows during POST.
  • If Password on boot is set to "Enabled" , the system will POP "Enter password" prompt windows during POST. No matter the user key in "Supervisor Password" or "User Password", the system will be unlocked.

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