Disassembly Procedure

Removing the Battery Pack

  1. Unlock the battery pack.
  2. Slide the battery latch, hold it then remove the battery.

Removing the HDD Module

  1. Release the three screws fastening the HDD module cover.
  2. Detach the HDD module cover.
  3. Release the two screws holding the HDD module then pull the HDD module as arrow indicates and remove the HDD module.
Konektor Hdd Acer Aspire 6930g

Removing the MiniPCI Card and the Memory

  1. Release the two screws securing the miniPCI cover.
  2. Remove the miniPCI cover.
  3. Disconnect the wireless antenna then remove the wireless LAN card.
Aod250 Ramcover
  1. Release the two screws securing the RAM cover and remove the RAM cover.
  2. Press the left and right latches to pop up the memory.

Removing the Keyboard

  1. Open the notebook as shown.
  2. Remove the middle cover.
  3. There are four latches securing the keyboard.
  4. Push those latches by the screw driver as shown and the keyboard will pop up a little.
  5. Remove the keyboard and reverse it.
  6. Carefully pull the keyboard FFC lock, then disconnect the keyboard FFC.

Separating the LCD Module and Main Unit

  1. Pull carefully and disconnect the LCD cable.
  2. Tear off the tape securing the wireless antenna and pull out the wireless antenna.
  3. Release the two screws securing the LCD hinges on the bottom side.
  4. Release the two screws fastening the LCD hinges on the rear side.
  5. Release the two screws holding the LCD hinges as shown.
  6. Then separate the LCD module from the main unit.

Separating the Upper Case and the Lower Case

  1. Release the connector lock and disconnect the touch pad FFC.
  2. Release the connector lock and disconnect the function keyboard FFC.
  3. Release the three screws securing the upper case.
  4. Release the 27 screws holding the lower case.
  5. Lift the upper case carefully and disconnect the lid switch cable.
  6. Then separate the upper and the lower case.
Desbloquear Lid Switch Acer

Removing the Function Keyboard

  1. Release the FFC lock and disconnect the function keyboard FFC.
  2. Release the four screws holding the function keyboard bracket.
  3. Then remove the function keyboard bracket.
  4. Carefully disconnect the microphone cable and remove the function keyboard.

Removing the Touch Pad Board

  1. Carefully release the FFC lock and disconnect the touch pad board FFC.
  2. There are 13 latches holding the touch pad bracket.
  3. Unlock those latches with a screw driver as shown then detach the touch pad bracket.
  4. Detach the touch pad board.

Removing the ODD Module and Dummy Card

  1. Slightly pull the ODD module and remove it.
  2. Pull the dummy card from the slot and remove it.
Xbox One Inside

Removing the Main Board

  1. Disconnect the fan cable.
  2. Disconnect the speaker cable and Bluetooth module cable.
  3. Remove the four screws securing the main board.
  4. Then detach the main board from the lower case.
Sisten Fan Acers Aspire 7000

Removing the System Fan

  1. Release the two screws holding the heatsink.
  2. Remove the heatsink.

Removing the Bluetooth Module

  1. Detach the bluetooth module from the lower case.
  2. Carefully disconnect the bluetooth module cable.
Aspire 5610 Bluetooth

Removing the Speakers

  1. Release the four screws securing the left and right speakers.
  2. Remove the speakers from the lower case.

Removing the MDC Module

  1. Carefully disconnect the MDC cable.
  2. Release the two screws securing the MDC board then detach the MDC board.
  3. Disconnect the MDC board cable.
Bluetooth Module Acer Aspire 5732z

Remove the Heatsink Module

  1. Release the five screws securing the heatsink.
  2. Remove the heatsink module.

Removing the CPU

  1. Release the screw counter clockwise with a flat screw driver.
  2. Detach the CPU from the CPU socket.
  1. Remove the eight rubber caps on the LCD bezel and release the eight screws securing the LCD bezel.
  2. Detach the LCD bezel from the LCD module as shown.
  3. Release the screw holding the inverter board.
  4. Disconnect the inverter board cables as shown and remove the inverter board.
Acer Aspire 9410
  1. Release the four screws securing the LCD panel.
  2. Detach the LCD panel carefully and reverse it as shown.
  3. Tear off the tapes holding the LCD panel cable carefully then disconnect the LCD panel.
  4. Remove the antenna from the LCD cover.
Cable Pantalla Acer Aspire 9410
  1. Release the four screws securing the left LCD bracket then remove the left LCD bracket.
  2. Repeat the anterior step to remove the right LCD bracket.
  1. Release the screw holding the CCD module and carefully pull the CCD module cable and LCD cable through the latch bar and LCD cover.
  2. Remove the CCD module cap.
  3. Remove the CCD module ring.
  4. Push the CCD module upper case a little bit.
  5. Then Separate the lower case from the upper case.
  6. Release the two screws holding the CCD module board the detach the CCD module board.
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