Acer Orbi Cam

The Acer OrbiCam is a 1.3 megapixel CMOS camera appropriately mounted on the top of the LCD panel. The camera's 225-degree ergonomic rotation allows you to capture high-resolution photos or videos up front or at the back of the LCD panel. The Acer OrbiCam fully supports the Acer Video Conference technology so that you can transmit the best video quality over an instant messenger service.


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Power indicator


Rubber grip (selected models only)

Rotating the Acer Orbicam

The Acer OrbiCam rotates 225 degrees counterclockwise to achieve the desired angle. Refer to the illustrations below:

Acer Aspire Web Cam Angle 225

For your convenience, the camera snaps 45 degrees to match the position of your face in front in back of the LCD panel.

NOTE: Do not rotate the camera clockwise to prevent it from the damage.

Launching the Acer OrbiCam

To launch the Acer OrbiCam, double click on the Acer OrbiCam icon on the screen. or Click Start > All programs > Acer > Acer OrbiCam. The Acer OrbiCam capture windows window appears as below:

Changing the Acer OrbiCam settings Resolution

To change the capture resolution, click the displayed resolution at the bottom right corner of the capture window, then select the desired resolution. Setting the camera resolution to 640 x 480 or larger does not change the capture window size.


Click Options to display the Window, Preview, and Folder tabs. Use the options to change the capture window sigaJHBS view settingSHfflBjnllRSfBlr for reffiWi red photos or videos.

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Camera Settings

• Basic settings: Click the Camera Settings icon on the bottom right corner of the capture display, then select Camera Settings from the pop-up menu. You can adjust the Video, Audio, and Zoom/Face tracking) options from this window.

• Capture settings: From the Camera Settings window, click the Driver Settings button. The Properties window will appear.^^^^^Hfl I

  • Device Settings allows you to change the camera brightness, contrast, hue, saturation,
  • Advanced Settings allows you to achieve gain control, implement image mirror, select im||m|inS|uTinCk|i^e]Ei and anti-flicker settings, and turn on/off the camera indicator.
  • Zoom/Face Track Settings allows you to adjust the zoom level and turn the face tracking feature on or off.

Capturing photos or videos

To capture a photo or a video clip, rotate the Acer OrbiCam to get the desired angle, then click the Take a Picture or Record a Video button. The Windows Picture and Fax Viewer or the Windows Media Player automatically launches to display or play a preview of the photo/video clip.

NOTE: By default, all photos and videos are saved in the My Pictures and My Videos folder. Using the Acer OrbiCam as webcam

The Acer OrbiCam is automatically selected as the capture device of any instant messenger (IM) application. To use the Acer OrbiCam as a webcam, open the IM service, then select the video/ webcam feature. You can now broadcast from your location to an IM partner anywhere in the world.

Enabling the Acer VisageON

The Acer VisageON technology comes with two features: Face tracking and Video effects (selected models only). The Face Tracking feature tracks your head movement and automatically centers your face in the capture window. The video effects feature allows you to select and apply an effect to your video transmissions.

NOTE: The face tracking feature is not capable of centering your face beyond the capture window frame. Minimal head movements are tracked more efficiently.

To enable the Acer VisageON:

1. Right click on this icon, then select VisageON from the pop-up menu.

The VisageON window appears as below:

2. Select and apply a video effect in the left section of the VisageON window. Change the face tracking settings and options in the right section.

Using the face tffifSfring feature

To use the face trafflfmi feature:

  1. Click the left icon down arrow button, then select Single UsBjB[lum[iplM|»a|afrom the pop-up menu. For multiffls|l|sers, the face tracking feature automatm!j|H8sffl eij»|||mSusers' face in the capture window, otherwise the utility centers the face of the user closest to the camera.
  2. Click the right icon to zoom in/out or reset the current view.

3. Click VisageON to display a menu that allows to change the configuration of the camera, face tracking and video HyyaSelNttings.



Camera Settings...

Enable Face Tracking

m 1

Enable Multiple Face Tracking

"■ \

• Disable Face Tracking

Enable Video Effect

Video Effect Selection...

Get more Video Effects online..

Reset Camera Position

Enable Video Effect

Video Effect Selection...

Get more Video Effects online..


Using video effects (selected models only)

The Video SeUy]ngV|Rnfflig[fflMJa you to select an avatar or accessory video effect from the list. To select an effect:

1. Click the encircled icon to display the available video effects. The Video Effect Selection window appears as

2. Click on a video effect to use. The selected effect appears in the video effects section of the VisageON window.

NOTE: When using avatars, you may have to calibrate the face points to achieve better tracking. Follow screen instructions in the VisageON to continue.

NOTE: You may use video effects when using the camera for IM chat/video sessions or call conferences.

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