Replacing the Subwoofer

IMPORTANT: Avoid contact with the speakers when inserting or removing the subwoofers. Contact with the subwoofers may result in damage.

1. Using both hands, insert the Subwoofer into the Lower Cover as shown.

8942g Repair

Insert the four (4) screws to secure the Subwoofer to the Lower Cover.

NOTE: The screws securing the Subwoofer in place are cushioned by rubber washers. Ensure that the washers are replaced before replacing the screws.

Acer Aspire 5738 Woofer




Screw Type



3. Insert the Subwoofer cable into the cable channel. Ensure that the cable passes under all cable clips.

Acer Aspire 8942g Tuner

1. Insert the TV Tuner Antenna into the Lower Cover, making sure the cable passes through the slot in the wall of the well.

2. Push the Antenna cable through the casing as shown.

Subwoofer Acer 7720

3. Thread the Antenna cable through the cable channel as shown. Ensure that the cable goes through all cable clips.

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