Removing the SD Dummy Card

1. Slide the SD Dummy Card out of the slot and remove it from the computer.

Dummy Card
  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 52.
  2. Loosen the seven captive screws in the Lower Door.

3. Remove the Lower Door as shown.

  1. See "Removing the Lower Door" on page 55.
  2. Remove the single screw securing the ODD Module.




Screw Type

ODD Module




  1. Insert a suitable object in to the Lower Cover to push the ODD Module clear of the casing.
  2. Pull the ODD Module out of the chassis.
Odd Module

5. Remove the two screws securing the ODD Bracket and remove the ODD bracket from the module. NOTE: Remove the left side screw first during disassembly.




Screw Type

ODD Bracket




  1. Insert a pin in the eject hole of the ODD to eject the ODD tray.
  2. Insert a pin in the eject hole of the ODD to eject the ODD tray.

7. Press down on the locking catch to release the ODD cover and remove.

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