Standard Bezel LCD Module ReassemblyLCD Panel

1. Connect the LCD cable to the panel connector as 2. Press down the adhesive strip to secure the cable shown. in place.

3. Run the cable along the back of the panel and press down as indicated to secure the cable in place.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the LCD cable runs between the green callouts to avoid trapping when the panel is replaced in the LCD Module.

4. Align the LCD brackets with the screw holes on the panel. Replace the eight screws (four on each side) in the brackets as shown.

  1. Align the Camera Board with the locating pins on the LCD Module and place the board as shown.
  2. Press down as shown to secure the board in place with adhesive.

7. Place the LCD Panel adjacent to the LCD Module as shown and connect the Camera cable to the Camera Module.

8. Flip the LCD Panel over and place it in the LCD Module. IMPORTANT: Ensure that the LCD cable is not trapped under the panel.

9. Run the LVDS and Antenna cables through the hinge wells as shown.
10. Secure the LCD module with seven securing screws.
Schematics For Acer Aspire 5515
NOTE: The six bracket screws are numbered from 1 to 3 on each bracket. Replace the screws in order from 1 to 3.
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