Windows Mobility Center

Egj Windows Mobility Center

igiv'i Display m» brightness

Qf [_| Mute n - ^rt

diM Fully charged ifjl Cioo%)

llll^ Connected


Battery Status

Wireless Network

A i No display connected

MM No sync partnerships

l^pr Not presenting

| Connect display J

| Sync settings

Turn on |

External Display

Sync Center

Presentation Settings

3GGF Customized byAcerlnc

ü. Sharing Service IQ On

j#l Bluetooth Off

^^ User Guide, gj Drivers nrr(i Utilities


Add device


Shared Folder


Software Page

The Windows Mobility Center collects key mobile-related system settings in one easy-to-find place, so you can quickly configure your Acer system to fit the situation as you change locations, networks or activities. Settings include display brightness, volume, power plan, wireless networking on/off, external display settings, synchronization status and presentation settings.

Windows Mobility Center also includes Acer-specific settings like sharing folders overview/sharing service on or off, Bluetooth Add Device (if applicable), and a shortcut to the Acer user guide, drivers and utilities.

To launch Windows Mobility Center: q Use the shortcut key > + <X>. q Start Windows Mobility Center from the Control panel.

q Start Windows Mobility Center from the Accessories program group in the Start menu. q Launch Windows Mobility Center by right-clicking f "1 in the system tray and select Windows Mobility Center.

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