Removing the Optical Drive Module

Acer Optical Drive Remove

See Removing the Battery Pack on page 40. 2. Remove the one screw A securing the optical drive module to the system. 3. Slowly pull out the ODD module from the ODD drive bay. 3. Slowly pull out the ODD module from the ODD drive bay. 4. Remove the one screw G securing the locker bracket and remove the locker bracket from the optical disk drive module.

Clearing Password Check and BIOS Recovery

Acer Aspire 6530 Cmos Batterie

This section provides the standard operating procedures for clearing the password and BIOS recovery for Aspire 7740 7740G Series. There is one Hardware Open Gap on the main board for clearing the password check and one Hotkey for enabling BIOS Recovery. Gap name in Aspire 7740 7740G Series is G29. Steps for Clearing BIOS Password Check If the user sets the BIOS Password Supervisor Password and or User Password for a security reason, the BIOS will ask for the password during system POST or when...

Removing the Bluetooth Module

Acer Aspire 7740g Bluetooth

Removing the Battery Pack on page 40. Removing the Optical Drive Module on page 41. Removing the Back Cover on page 42. Removing the Hard Disk Drive Module on page 43 Removing the Wireless LAN Card on page 44. Removing the DIMM Module on page 46. Removing the Heatsink Module on page 49. Removing the CPU on page 51. Removing the Middle Cover on page 53. 10. See Removing the Keyboard on page 53. 11. See Removing the LCD Module on page 55. 12. See Separating the Upper Case from the Lower Case on...

Hardware Specifications and Configurations

Aspire 7740 Intel Core i5 540M 2.53G 3M Aspire 7740G Intel Core i3 330M PGA 2.13G 3M Intel Core i7 620M 2.66G 4M Intel Core i7 720QM 1.6G 6M Throttling 50 On 99 C OFF 93 C OS shut down at 105 C H W shot down at 110 .C BIOS ACPI 1.0b 2.0 3.0 compliance, PCI 2.2, System HDD Password Security Control, INT 13H Extenstions, PnP BIOS 1.0a SMBIOS 2.4, BIOS Boot Specification, Simple Boot Flag 1.0, Boot Block, PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification, USB Specification 1.1 2.0, IEEE 1394 1.0,...