Replacing the Upper Cover

1. Locate the upper cover over the lower base taking note of the screw sockets.

Angle the right end of the Upper Cover in place, and insert any remaining cables through the lower base as shown.

3. Set the Upper Cover down on the lower base.

4. Replace the four securing screws on the Upper Cover.

5. Connect the five cables from the mainboard as shown.

IMPORTANT:When removing cables, always hold the cable by the pull-tab or by the connector. Do not hold the pull by the cable itself to prevent stripping.

Connect A as shown. Connect B as shown.

Connect A as shown. Connect B as shown.

Connect C as shown. Connect D as shown.
Connect E as shown.
7. Tighten the captive screw on the keyboard plate.

8. Turn the computer upside down and replace the eleven securing screws on the bottom panel to attach the bottom and lower covers.

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