Insydeh20 Setup Utility Acer Aspire

The Power screen allows the user to configure various CPU and power management options and device wakeup behavior.

InsydeH20 Setup Utility

Nsydeh20 Setup Utility Ayarlar

The table below describes the items, menus, and submenus in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.



Submenu Items

Advanced CPU

Enter the Advanced CPU Control menu.

• P-States (IST)


• Boot performance mode

• Thermal Mode

• CMP Support

• Use XD capability

• VT Support

• C-States

• Enhanced C-States

• C-State Pop Up Mode

• C-State Pop Down Mode

• C4 Exit Timing Mode

• DeepC4

• Hard C4E

• Enable C6


• Bi-directional PROCHOT#

• Dynamic FSB Switching

• Turbo Mode

• ACPI 3.0 T-States


• DTS Calibration

• Thermal Trip Points Setting (Fan

On Temp., Throttle On Temp.)



Submenu Items

Platform Power management

Enter the Platform Power Management menu.

  • PCI Clock Run
  • _CST - C4 Latency Value
  • C4 on C3 - Deeper Sleep


Enable or Disable ACPI S1/S3 Sleep State


Wake on PME

Enable or Disable wake up when the system power is off and a PCI Power Management Enable wake up event occurs.


Wake on Modem Ring

Enable or Disable wake up when the system power is off and a modem attached to the serial port is ringing.


Auto wake on S5

Disable or Enable auto wake up by date and time or at a fixed time everyday.


Quickly S4 Resume

Disable or Enable optional quick boot from S4 Resume.


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