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Acer eDataSecurity Management_

Acer eDataSecurity Management is handy file encryption utility that protects your files from being accessed by unauthorized persons. It is conveniently integrated with Windows explorer as a shell extension for quick and easy data encryption/decryption and also supports on-the-fly file encryption for MSN Messenger and Microsoft Outlook.

The Acer eDataSecurity Management setup wizard will prompt you for a supervisor password and default encryption. This encryption will be used to encrypt files by default, or you can choose to enter your won file-specific password when encrypting a file.

NOTE: The password used encrypt a file is the unique key that the system needs to decrypt it. If you lose the password, the supervisor password is the only other key capable of decrypting the file. If you lose both passwords, there will be no way to decrypt your encrypted file! Be sure to safeguard all related passwords!

Initialize Supervisor Password

The Supervisor Password serves two purposes:

  • 1)To grant access to the Personal Secure Disk.
  • 2)To provide you with a "last resort" to decrypt any files previously encrypted...

Please record and keep it In a secure place, and never disclose It to anyone else.

Initialize Supervisor Password

Enter Supervisor Password:

Confirm password:


Wachtwoord Acer Elock

Acer eLock Management " * -

Acer eLock Management is a security utility that allows you to lock your removable data, optical and floppy drives to ensure that data cannot be stolen while your notebook is unattended.

q Removable data devices - includes USB disk drives, USB pen drives, USB flash drives, USB MP3 drives, USB memory card readers, IEEE 1394 disk drives and any other removable disk drives that can be mounted as a file system when plugged into the system. q Optical drive devices - includes any kind of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives. q Floppy disk drives - 3.5-inch disks only.

q Interfaces - includes serial ports, parallel port, infrared (IR), and Bluetooth.

To activate Acer eLock Management, a password must be set first. Once set, you can apply locks to any of the devices. Lock(s) will immediately be set without any reboot necessary, and will remain locked after rebooting, until unlocked.

NOTE: If you lose your password, there is no method to reset it except by reformatting your notebook or taking your notebook to an Acer Customer Service Center. Be sure to remember or write down your password.

Empowering Technology


ff Acer eLock Management


Device Name

I Locked

I Unlocked I



Removable Storage Devices




Optical Drive Devices



Floppy Drive Devices



Removable Storage Devices,e.g. USB flash'HDD. 1394 HDD. card reader f —I Devices

Acer eRecovery Management

Acer eRecovery Management is a powerful utility that does away with the need for recovery disks provided by the manufacturer. The Acer eRecovery Management utility occupies space in a hidden partition on your system's HDD. User-created backups are stored on D:\ drive. Acer eRecovery Management provides you with:

q Password protection. q Recovery of applications and drivers. q Image/data backup:

q Back up to HDD (set recovery point).

q Back up to CD/DVD. q Image/data recovery tools:

q Recover from a hidden partition (factory defaults). q Recover from the HDD (most recent user-defined recovery point). q Recover from CD/DVD.

Acer Recovery Managemt

For more information, please refer to "Acer eRecovery Management"

NOTE: If your computer did not come with a Recovery CD or System CD, please use Acer eRecovery Management's "System backup to optical disk" feature to burn a backup image to CD or DVD. To ensure the best results when recovering your system using a CD or Acer eRecovery Management, detach all peripherals (except the external Acer ODD, if your computer has one), including your Acer ezDock.

Acer eSettings Management '

Acer eSettings Management allows you to inspect hardware specifications and to monitor the system health status. Furthermore, Acer eSettings Management enables you to optimize your Windows operating system, so your computer runs faster, smoother and better.

Acer eSettings Management also:

q Provides a simple graphical user interface for navigating. q Displays general system status and advanced monitoring for power users.

Empowering Technology j i LSJ In—SS g m

Acer eSettings Management











Acer inc.

Product Name


Operating System

Microsofts Windows Vista™ Home...


Intel(R) FentlumfR) Dual CPU T2310 .

System Memory

2 GB

Hard Drive 1

Hitachi HTS54"16"16J9SA00, 149.05 GB

CD/DVD Drive 1

Optiarc DVD RW AD-7530A ATA Device


Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family

Total Available Graphics...

358 MB


Realtek High Definition Audio

Wireless LAN Cardl

Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN



Serial Number

5 _

Add Asset Tag f i J System Information Boot Options BIOS Passwords

Getting to know your Acer Crystal Eye webcam

5 1



J s







Power indicator


Rubber grip (selected models only)

Launching the Acer Crystal Eye webcam

To launch the Acer Crystal Eye webcam, double click on the Acer OrbiCam icon on the screen. OR

Click Start > All programs > Acer > Crystal Eye webcam. The Acer Cyrstal Eye webcam capture window appears.

Usb Webcam Capture Icon

Changing the Acer Crystal Eye resolution

To change the capture resolution, click the displayed resolution button to select the desired resolution.

Using the Acer Crystal Eye as webcam

The Acer Crystal Eye is automatically selected as the capture device of any instant messenger (IM) application. To use the Acer Crystal Eye as a webcam, open the IM service, then select the video/webcam feature. You can now broadcast from your location to an IM partner anywhere in the world.

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