Removing the BTCB screws

29. Loose 21 screws from BTCB.

Flash Bios Acer Aspire 6935
30. Detach Switch cover.
Media Board 4935
31. Disconnect Media board FFC from the Switch cover.

Disassembling the Main Unit

  1. Turn over the keyboard as the image shows.
  2. Disconnect the Keyboard FFC from the main board.
  3. Then remove the keyboard from the main unit.
  1. Remove the 18 screws fastening the upper case and the lower case assembly as shown.
  2. Disconnect the FFC from the main board.
Mediaboard Acer 4736
  1. Loose two screws from the TPCB.
  2. Disconnect the LCM cable.
  3. Pull out the Power cable.
  4. Pull out the Wireless antenna.
  5. Release four TPCB locker then remove the TCB from machine.
Disassembly Aspire 6935
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  • demsas
    How to remove keyboard from laptop aspire 6530 screws?
    8 years ago
  • Jae
    How to remove main unit aspire 6935?
    8 years ago

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