Removing the Antenna Cables

  1. Remove the Lower Cover. See "Removing the Lower Covers" on page 47.
  2. Remove the Speaker Module. See "Removing the Speaker Module" on page 64.
  3. Turn the computer upside down, and disconnect the Antenna Cables from the WLAN module.
3. Pull back the cables away and out of the housing well.
  1. Turn the computer over (upper base facing up) to expose the Antenna cables.
  2. After removing the Speaker Modules, grasp the Antenna cables sitting underneath. Pull through.

6. Continue to remove the cables until they are completely out of the housing well.

  1. Disconnect the Antenna cables. See "Removing the Antenna Cables" on page 65.
  2. Disconnect the LCD and Power cables.
3. Remove the four securing screws (two on each hinge) from the LCD hinges.




Screw Type

LCD Module

M2.5*5-I (BNI)(NYLOK)



4. Carefully remove the LCD module from the chassis.

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