Remove Hddbios Utility

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS method:

Remove HDD Password:

• If you key in wrong HDD password three times, Hdd password error code displays. See the image below.

Acer Aspire One 6530

To reset the HDD password, run HDD_PW.EXE as follows:

  1. Key in hdd_pw 15494 0
  2. Press 2.
  3. Select one upper-case string from the list.
Reset The Hdd User Password

4. Reboot system and key in the selected string (0KJFN42 or UVEIQ96) on the HDD User Password screen.

Enter Prinary [faster HDD User Password

Remove BIOS Password:

If you key in the wrong Supervisor Password three times, System Disabled displays on the screen. See the image below.

To reset the BIOS password, run BIOS_PW.EXE as follows:

  1. Key in bios_pw 14452 0
  2. Select one string from the list.

C:\W1 N DOWS\system3 2\cmii.exe




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D = \tliios uw 14452 fl I1, unlockt, _exe ul.kJ i July 199"?


D =

3. Reboot the system and key in the selected string (qjjg9vy, 07yqmjd etc.) for the BIOS user password.

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    How to delete bios password on a acer aspire 6530?
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