How To Format Acer Aspire 6530

The Main screen allows the user to set the system time and date as well as enable and disable boot option and recovery.


System Date


System Date

Total Memory: Video Memory:

Quiet Boot: Network Boot: F12 Boot Menu: D2D Recovery:

SATA Mode:

F1 Help SC Exit n Sel

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility

Security Boot Exit

2048 MB [Auto]

  • Enabled] [Enabled] [Disabled] [Enabled]
  • AHCI Mode]

Select Item Select Menu

Select Item Select Menu

Change Values Select^Sub-Menu

Change Values Select^Sub-Menu

Item Specific Help

<Tab>, <Shift-Tab>, or <Enter> selects field.

Setup Defaults Save and Exit

NOTE: The screen above is for your reference only. Actual values may differ. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.




System Time

Sets the system time. The hours are displayed with 24hour format.

Format: HH:MM:SS (hour:minute:second)

System Date

Sets the system date.

Format MM/DD/YYYY (month/day/year)

Total Memory

This field reports the memory size of the system. Memory size is fixed to 2048 MB.


Video Memory

Shows the Video memory size.

Option: Auto, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, or 1024MB

Quiet Boot

Select whether to display the logo screen during boot.

Option: Enabled or Disabled

Network Boot

Enables, disables the system boot from LAN (remote server).

Option: Enabled or Disabled

F12 Boot Menu

Enables, disables Boot Menu during POST.

Option: Disabled or Enabled

D2D Recovery

Enables, disables the Acer D2D Recovery function during POST by pressing Alt-F10.

Option: Enabled or Disabled


Control the mode in which the SATA controller should operate.

Option: AHCI or IDE Mode

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