Removing the Heatsink Module

NOTE: There are two version of heatsink module. For this section, we are going to use the discrete model. The UMA version looks like the picture below:

  1. See "Removing the Battery Pack" on page 36.
  2. See "Removing the SD Dummy Card" on page 37.
  3. See "Removing the DIMM Module" on page 38.
  4. See "Removing the Back Cover" on page 39.
  5. See "Removing the Hard Disk Drive Module" on page 40.
  6. See "Removing the WLAN Modules" on page 43.
  7. See "Removing the Optical Drive Module" on page 44.
  8. See "Removing the Middle Cover" on page 47.
  9. See "Removing the Keyboard" on page 49.
  10. See "Removing the LCD Module" on page 50.
  11. See "Separating the Upper Case from the Lower Case" on page 53.
  12. See "Removing the Left Speaker Module" on page 60.
  13. See "Removing the USB Board Module" on page 61.
  14. See "Removing the Modem Module" on page 63.
  15. See "Removing the Bluetooth Module" on page 64.
  16. See "Removing the Right Speaker Module" on page 66.
  17. See "Removing the Main Board" on page 68.
  18. Disconnect the heatsink connector from the main board.
Acer Aspire 5940g Mainboard

19. Remove the seven screws securing the heatsink module in the order shown.

8930g Heatsink

NOTE: The Discrete system may be shipped with AMD PARK_XT or AMD MADISON_PRO.

20. Carefully lift up the heatsink module.

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