Online Support Information

This section describes online technical support services available to help you repair your Acer Systems.

If you are a distributor, dealer, ASP or TPM, please refer your technical queries to your local Acer branch office. Acer Branch Offices and Regional Business Units may access our website. However some information sources will require a user i.d. and password. These can be obtained directly from Acer CSD Taiwan.

Acer's Website offers you convenient and valuable support resources whenever you need them.

In the Technical Information section you can download information on all of Acer's Notebook, Desktop and Server models including:

Service guides for all models

User's manuals

Training materials

Bios updates

Software utilities

Spare parts lists

TABs (Technical Announcement Bulletin)

For these purposes, we have included an Acrobat File to facilitate the problem-free downloading of our technical material.

Also contained on this website are:

  • Detailed information on Acer's International Traveller's Warranty (ITW)
  • Returned material authorization procedures
  • An overview of all the support services we offer, accompanied by a list of telephone, fax and email contacts for all your technical queries.

We are always looking for ways to optimize and improve our services, so if you have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to communicate these to us.


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