Microsoft Windows Vista Environment Test



CRT Port Test

CRT Monitor

Acer 211c 21", ViewSonic G220F, ViewSonic PF790 19"

LCD Monitor

Acer FP751 17" TFT LCD, Acer AL1521, Acer AL1721, ViewSonic VD201b, Westinghouse W37G, HP LP2065, HP S9500


Dell 3300MP

USB Port Test

USB Keyboard/Mouse

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro Dell USB Keyboard Logicool USB Mouse (OWCM-USB) Logitech USB Wheel Mouse Logitech First Wheel Mouse Dell by Logitech

Dell Internet Navigator Keyboard Dell Smart Card Keyboard HP USB Optical Austin Mouse Belkin Miniglow Optical USB Mouse HP USB Optical Mouse (RB129AA)

USB Speaker/Joystick

Aiwa Multimedia Digital Speaker (SC-UC78) Panasonic USB Speaker EAB-MPC57USB

USB Storage Drive

Iomega USB Zip 250MB Transcend 80G HDD Plextor DVD+R/RW LG DVD+R/RW Sony DVD+R/RW

USB Camera

Intel Easy PC Camera (A20953-001) Orange Micro USB 2.0 Web Cam

USB HUB and Others

A TEN UH-204 IOGEAR 4-Port Hub Corega CG-WLUSBST11

USB Printer/Scanner

HP 450WBT Deskjet Printer

USB Flash Drive

Sony Memory Key 128MB

Sony Micro Vault Pro USD-5G

IBM 128MB Memory Key

IBM 512MB Memory Key

Apacer Handy Drive

Apacer The USB Flash Drive 256MB



1394 Camera

Sony DV-TRV10

Access Point 802.11a

Intel Pro/Wireless 5000 NetGear HE 102

Access Point 802.11g

D-Link Building Networks People WiFi Certified a/b/g Wireless 108AG

Access Point 802.11n

Belkin N1MIMO Wireless Router High Performance wireless 802.11n

Bluetooth Device

Sony Ericsson Wireless Headset Sony Ericsson T610 X Bridge Bluetooth Access Point BT300




LAN/Modem Card

TDK CardBus Ethernet 10/100 32-Bit CBE-10/100BTX

Storage Card

Hitachi Microdrive 4G

1394 Card

Buffalo 1394 Interface Cardbus (IFC-ILCB/DV)

USB2.0 Card

IBM EtherJet CardBus Adapter 10/100

Wireless Lan Card

(Not recommended for wireless ready model)

Cisco Wireless LAN Card 802.11a NETGEAR Wireless LAN card 802.11a


Toshiba Type B for Bluetooth 128K ISDN Card


Vodafone QL1ACC-21581 3G/GPRS card Sony Ericsson GC83 GPRS card Sony Ericsson GC89 GPRS card

ExpressCard Test

Express Card

Abcom 5-in-1 Adapter ExpressCard Reader

Abcom GigaLan ExpressCard

Sunix ECF2400 2 Ports 1394A ExpressCard

Memory Card Test (SD/MS/MMC/SM/CF/Microdrive/XD)

SD Card

Apacer 128/256MB SanDisk 256MB Apacer 2GB (150x Hi-Speed) KINGMAX 1GB (66x Hi-Speed) SanDisk 1GB

RiDATA 4GB SD PRO Memory Card

MS Card

Sony 512 MS PRO Lexar 512MB MS PRO Lexar 1GB MS PRO Sony 2GB MS PRO

MMC Card

SanDisk 32MB Transcend 64/128MB Transcend 256MB SanDisk RS-MMC 128MB PQI RS-MMC 256MB Transcend 512MB

A-DATA Turbo 200X 2GB MMC Card

XD Card

Apacer 256/512MB SanDisk 2GB Olympus 512MB

CF Card

Apacer 256/512 SanDisk 2GB

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