Empowering Technology password

You must set the Empowering Technology password to use the password protection feature of Acer eRecovery Management to protect your data.

To set the Empowering Technology password:

  1. Launch Acer eRecovery Management.
  2. Click the Restore tab.
  3. Click Password settings. The Empowering Technology Password Center dialogue box pops up.
  4. Click Create a new password.
Max Characters Dialog
  1. In the Create a New Password dialogue box, key in and confirm your password in the appropriate boxes. Your password should have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 characters.
  2. Enter a password hint that will help you remember your password.
  3. Make sure the box Use for Acer eRecovery Management is checked.
  4. Click OK to set the password.

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