BIOS Flash Utility

The BIOS flash memory update is required for the following conditions: q New versions of system programs q New features or options q Restore a BIOS when it becomes corrupted.

Use the Flash utility to update the system BIOS flash ROM.

NOTE: If you do not have a crisis recovery diskette at hand, then you should create a Crisis Recovery Diskette before you use the Flash utility.

NOTE: Do not install memory-related drivers (XMS, EMS, DPMI) when you use the Flash.

NOTE: Please use the AC adaptor power supply when you run the Flash utility. If the battery pack does not contain enough power to finish BIOS flash, you may not boot the system because the BIOS is not completely loaded.

Fellow the steps below to run the Flash.

  1. Prepare a bootable diskette.
  2. Copy the flash utilities to the bootable diskette.
  3. Then boot the system from the bootable diskette. The flash utility has auto-execution function.

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