Remove Hddbios Utility

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS method:

Remove HDD Password:

□ If you key in wrong HDD password for three time, "HDD password error code" would display on the screen. See the image below.

□ If you need to solve HDD password locked problem, you can run HDD_PW.EXE

  1. Key in "hdd_pw 15494 0"
  2. Select "2"
  3. Choose one upper-case string


:\>cd password

F : S|iRssuoi>d>dirAj Un lune in ¿rive F hits rte- lahel. Unlusie Sériai Number is D4F6-023ÉI

Divectn3"ij of FAjiasswurd

  • 3 C . - J
  • S F i 1 e < s >

J: Vpassword0wld. au 15494 Ë m lotiltS .exe [jl .1 2 flay 2ï

48V„895,040 bytes free what kind of the password ta be genereted: „> Exifc , > Scan Code 2 . > Uppei* case ASCÏ ï Code 3.) Louei1 case flSCM Code Fnt nour ehoice î2 12 iKJFt+42 -----

□ Reboot system and key in "0KJFN42" or "UVEIQ96" to HDD user password.

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