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Help ^HHselect Item Change Values Setup Defaults g Exit ^^J^Select Menu ^^ggtU Select ► Sub-Menu ^^QQQ Save and Exit

NOTE: The system information is subject to different models. Please refer to your laptop for actual model name and CPU type.



CPU Type

This field shows the CPU type and speed of the system.

IDE1 Model Name

This field shows the model name of HDD installed on primary IDE master.

IDE1 Serial Number

This field displays the serial number of HDD installed on primary IDE master.

IDE2I Model Name

This field displays the mofel name of devices installed on secondary IDE master. The hard disk drive or optical drive model name is automatically detected by the system.

IDE2 Serial Number

This field shows the serial number of devices installed on secondary IDE master.

System BIOS ver

Displays system BIOS version.


This field displays the VGA firmware version of the system.


This field shows the keyboard

Serial Number

This field displays the serial number of this unit.

Asset Tag Number

This field displays the asset tag number of the system.

Product Name

This field shows product name of the system.

Manufacturer Name

This field displays the manufacturer of this system.



UUID Number

This will be visible only when an internal LAN device is presenting. UUID=32bytes


The Main screen displays a summary of your computer hardware information, and also includes basic setup parameters. It allows the user to specify standard IBM PC AT system parameters.

PhoenixBIOS Setup Utility



Advanced Security Boot Exit

System Date:

System Memory: Extended Memory: Video Memory

Quiet Boot: Power on display: Network boot F12 Boot Menu D2D Recovery

640 KB 255 MB [64MB]

Shows system base memo Shows extended memory VGA memory size

<Enter> selects field. ry size size

Item Specific Help

Help Exit

Select Item Select Menu

Select Item Select Menu

Change Values Select ► Sub-Menu

Change Values Select ► Sub-Menu

¡Setup Defaults ^Kave and Exit

NOTE: The screen above is for your reference only. Actual values may differ.

The table below describes the parameters in this screen. Settings in boldface are the default and suggested parameter settings.




System Time

Sets the system time. The hours are displayed with 24-hour format.

Format: HH:MM:SS (hour:minute:second) System Time

System Date

Sets the system date.

Format MM/DD/YYYY (month/day/ year)

System Date

System Memory

This field reports the memory size of the system. Memory size is fixed to 640MB

Extended Memory

This field reports the memory size of the extended memory in the system.

Extended Memory size=Total memory size-1MB

VGA Memory

Shows the VGA memory size. VGA Memory size=64/128MB

Quiet Boot

Determines if Customer Logo will be displayed or not; shows Summary Screen is disabled or enabled.

Enabled: Customer Logo is displayed, and Summary Screen is disabled. Disabled: Customer Logo is not displayed, and Summary Screen is enabled.

Option: Enabled or Disabled

Power on display

Auto: During power process, the system will detect if any display device is connected on external video port. If any external display device is connected, the power on display will be in CRT (or projector) only mode. Otherwise it will be in LCD only mode.

Both: Simultaneously enable both the integrated LCD screen and the system's external video port (for an external CRT or projector).

Option: Auto or Both

Network Boot

Enables, disables the system boot from LAN (remote server).

Option: Enabled or Disabled

F12 Boot Menu

Enables, disables Boot Menu during POST.

Option: Disabled or Enabled

D2D Recovery

Enables, disables D2D Recovery function. The function allows the user to create a hidden partition on hard disc drive to store operation system and restore the system to factory defaults.

Option: Enabled or Disabled

NOTE: The sub-items under each device will not be shown if the device control is set to disable or auto. This is because the user is not allowed to control the settings in these cases.


The Advanced screen contains parameters involving your hardware devices. It also provides advanced settings of the system.

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