Steps for BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk

Before doing this, prepare a Crisis Disk (refer to the "Steps for Creating the Crisis Disk in Windows XP/Vista" section below) and keep it ready in hand.

Follow these steps for BIOS recovery:

  1. Power off the system.
  2. Connect a removable USB storage device containing the Crisis Disk to a USB port connected to the BIOS flash failed system.
  3. Under power-off state, press and hold Fn+Esc and then press the power button. The system should be powered on with the Crisis BIOS Recovery process.
  4. BIOS Boot Block starts to restore the BIOS code from the Crisis Disk to BIOS ROM on the failed system.
  5. After the crisis flashing process is finished, the system will restart.

After the Crisis Recovery process is finished, the system should have a successful and workable BIOS after power on. The user can then update the latest BIOS version for this system using the regular BIOS flashing process.

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