Creating the Crisis Disk in Windows

Follow these steps to create the Crisis Disk:

  1. Prepare a removable USB storage device (size greater than 10MB). Note that all data on the USB storage device will be cleared during the creation of the Crisis Disk.
  2. Set up another computer loaded with the same Windows operating system.
  3. Decompress the Crisis Package Source. Select WINCRIS.EXE and then select Run as administrator under Windows.
Acer Aspire One Ao531h Crisis

4. Keep the default settings and then click on the Start button.

Crisis Disk

5. When the pop-up warning dialog box appears, press OK to continue creating the Crisis Disk.

Wincris Exe

6. The Crisis Disk will be created after a few seconds.

Crisis Disk

7. Press No if you do not want to create another Crisis Disk.

Where The Bios Acer 5536 Laptop

8. Reconnect the USB removable storage device and check if it contains the 3 files shown in the following figure.

V J &

► Computer ► Removable Disk (Ej)

| Search

P 1

^ Organize T


' Bum

Favorite L'mlcs


Date modified



U;. Documents t. Pictures


5/8/2008 8:35 PM 4/30/2008 4:21 PM 4/30/2008 4:21 PM

WPH File System Fiie Application

2,056 KB 3 KB 137 KB

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