BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk

BIOS Recovery Boot Block:

BIOS Recovery Boot Block is a special block of BIOS. It is used to boot up the system with minimum BIOS initialization. Users can enable this feature to restore the BIOS firmware to a successful one once the previous BIOS flashing process failed.

BIOS Recovery Hotkey:

The system provides a function hotkey: Fn+Esc, for enable BIOS Recovery process when system is powered on during BIOS POST. To use this function, it is strongly recommended to have the AC adapter and Battery present. If this function is enabled, the system will force the BIOS to enter a special BIOS block, called Boot Block.

Steps for BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk:

Before doing this, one Crisis Disk should be prepared ready in hand. The Crisis Disk could be made by executing the Crisis Disk program in another system with Windows XP OS.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Power Off system.
  2. Insert the Crisis Disk to a USB floppy drive which is attached to the BIOS flash failed machine.
  3. In the power-off state, press Fn+Esc and hold them and then press Power Button. The system should be powered on with Crisis BIOS Recovery process.
  4. BIOS Boot Block starts to restore the BIOS code from the Crisis floppy disk to BIOS ROM on the failed machine.
  5. If the Crisis flashing process is finished, the system will restart.

If the Crisis Recovery process is finished, the system should be powered on with successful and workable BIOS. Then a person can update the latest version BIOS for this machine by regular BIOS flashing process.

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