Removing HDD Passwords

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS password method: Remove HDD Password:

If you key in the wrong HDD password three time, HDD password error code displays on the screen.

To reset the HDD password, perform the following steps:

  1. From a DOS prompt, key in Unlock6.exe 10068 00 and press <Enter>. The Unlock6 program runs.
  2. Select option 2, Upper case ASCII Code, and press <Enter>.

C:\HddPed>unlock6 18868 88 unlock6.exe vl.l 2 Nay 2883

Choice «hat kind of the p.seeord to be seeeretedt

  1. Exit--------1
  2. J Scan Code __
  3. Upper case ASCII coee
  4. Lover case ASCII Code Ewter yoer choice:2 WSUE29

ITF810U 07C3LH0



  1. Make a note of one of the displayed passwords, for example XUSVE29, as shown.
  2. Power off the system by holding down the power button for >4 seconds.
  3. Reboot the system and key in the chosen password to unlock the HDD.

Remove BIOS Password:

If you key in wrong Supervisor Password for three time, "System Disabled" would display on the screen. See the image below.

Guia Unlock6 Exe Gratis

• If you need to solve BIOS password locked problem, you can run BIOS_PW.EXE

  1. Key in "bios_pw 14452 0"
  2. Choose one upper-case string

■85 C:\WINDOWS\sy5tem32\tmd.exti icrosoft Windows HP [Version 5.1.2600] <C> Copyright 1785 2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Docurient5 and Settings\M54>d:

J114tm -


Reboot the system and key in "qjjg9vy" or "07yqmjd" to BIOS user password.

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