Remove Hddbios Password Utilities

This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS password method: Remove HDD Password:

If you key in the wrong HDD password three time, HDD password error code displays on the screen.

System Disabled Acer Aspire 5536

To reset the HDD password, perform the following steps:

  1. From a DOS prompt, key in Unlock6.exe 00193 and press <Enter>. The Unlock6 program runs.
  2. Select option 2, Upper case ASCII Code, and press <Enter>.

C:\>unlock6.exe 88193 80

unlocJiß.exe vl.l 2 May 2083

Choice what kind of the pa&suord to be aenereted:

0.) Exit,...

1. ) Scan Code

7?) Upper case ASCII Code

3?* Louer case ASCII Code

Enter your choice-2

' J







  1. Make a note of one of the displayed passwords, for example B99TPK0, as shown.
  2. Power off the system by holding down the power button for >4 seconds.
  3. Reboot the system and key in the chosen password to unlock the HDD.

Removing BIOS Passwords:

If you key in the wrong Supervisor Password three times, System Disabled displays on the screen. See the image below.

Reset Switch Acer Aspire 5570z

To reset the BIOS password, run BIOS_PW.EXE as follows:

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