Clearing Password Check and BIOS Recovery

This section provide you the standard operating procedures of clearing password and BIOS recovery for Aspire 5515. Aspire 5515 provides one Hardware Open Gap on main board for clearing password check, and one Hotkey for enabling BIOS Recovery.

Clearing Password Check Hardware Open Gap Description





Clear CMOS Jumper


Reset Cmos Acer Aspire 4736

Steps for Clearing BIOS Password Check

If users set BIOS Password (Supervisor Password and/or User Password) for a security reason, BIOS will ask the password during systems POST or when systems enter to BIOS Setup menu. However, once it is necessary to bypass the password check, users need to short the HW Gap to clear the password by the following steps:

  • Power Off a system, and remove HDD, AC and Battery from the machine.
  • Open the back cover of the machine, and find out the HW Gap on M/B as picture.
  • Use an electric conductivity tool to short the two points of the HW Gap.
  • Plug in AC, keep the short condition on the HW Gap, and press Power Button to power on the system till BIOS POST finish. Then remove the tool from the HW Gap.
  • Restart system. Press F2 key to enter BIOS Setup menu.
  • If there is no Password request, BIOS Password is cleared. Otherwise, please follow the steps and try again.

NOTE: The steps are only for clearing BIOS Password (Supervisor Password and User Password).

BIOS Recovery Boot Block:

BIOS Recovery Boot Block is a special block of BIOS. It is used to boot up the system with minimum BIOS initialization. Users can enable this feature to restore the BIOS firmware to a successful one once the previous BIOS flashing process failed.

BIOS Recovery Hotkey:

The system provides a function hotkey: Fn+Esc, for enable BIOS Recovery process when system is powered on during BIOS POST. To use this function, it is strongly recommended to have the AC adapter and Battery present. If this function is enabled, the system will force the BIOS to enter a special BIOS block, called Boot Block.

Steps for BIOS Recovery from USB Storage:

Before doing this, prepare the Crisis USB key. The Crisis USB key could be made by executing the Crisis Disk program in another system with Windows XP OS.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Save ROM file (file name: JAL90x64.fd) to the root directory of USB storage.
  2. Plug USB storage into USB port.
  3. Press Fn + ESC button then plug in AC. The Power button flashes once.
  4. Press Power button to initiate system CRISIS mode.

When CRISIS is complete, the system auto restarts with a workable BIOS.

5. Update the latest version BIOS for this machine by regular BIOS flashing process.

Steps for BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk:

Before doing this, a Crisis Diskette should be prepared ready in hand. The Crisis Diskette could be made by executing the Crisis Disk program in another system with Windows XP OS.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Power Off failed system.
  2. Attach a USB floppy drive to the failed system.
  3. Copy xxxxx.wph to tool's folder and rename it as BIOS.wph.
  4. Execute wincris.exe to start the Crisis Disk Build.
  5. Select Removable and click Start.
Acer Crisis Disk

6. Select Quick Format Disk and click Start. A progress screen displays.

Bios Aspir 5630
  1. Click OK to complete the process.
  2. Insert the Crisis Disk in to the USB floppy drive attached to the BIOS flash failed system.
  3. In the power-off state, press and hold Fn+Esc then press the Power button. The system powers on and the Crisis BIOS Recovery process begins.

BIOS Boot Block begins restoring the BIOS code from the Crisis floppy disk to BIOS ROM on the failed systems.

When the Crisis flash process is finished, the system restarts with a workable BIOS. Update to the latest version BIOS for the system using the regular BIOS flashing process.

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