To activate Acer eLock Management a password must be set at first Once set you may apply locks to an

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NOTE: If you lose the password, there is no method to reset it except by reformatting the notebook or taking the notebook to an Acer Customer Service Center. Be sure to remember or write down the password.

Acer Eperformance

Acer ePerformance Management is a system optimization tool that boosts the performance of the Acer notebook. It provides an express optimization method to release unused memory and disk space quickly. The user can also enable advanced options for full control over the following options:

  • Disk optimization: removes unneeded items and files.
  • Speed optimization: improves the usability and performance of the Windows XP system.
  • Memory optimization: releases unused memory and check usage.
Acer Elock Management Aplicaci

Acer eRecovery Management is a powerful utility with the need for recovery disks provided by the manufacturer. The Acer eRecovery Management utility occupies space in a hidden partition on the system's HDD. Be default, user-created backups are stored on D:\ drive. Acer eRecovery Management provides:

  • Password protection
  • Recovery of applications and drives
  • Image or data backup:
  • Backup to HDD (set recovery point)
  • Backup to CD or DVD
  • Image/data recovery tools:
  • Recovery from a hidden partition (factory defaults)
  • Recovery from the HDD (most recent user-defined recovery point)
  • Recovery from CD or DVD

NOTE: If the computer did not come with a RecovHHiBBlmlaBaejfflrailR^

MamagementglHBSrajmSBSeffl disk" feature to burn a backup image to CD or DVD. To ensure the best results when recovering the system using a CD or Acer eRecovery Management, detach all peripherals (except external Acer ODD, if equipped), including the Acer ezDock.

Acer eSettings Management allows you to inspect hardware specification, change BIOS passwords or other Windows settings, and to monitor the system health status.

Acer eSettings Management also:

  • Provides a simple graphical user interface for navigation.
  • Displays general system status and advanced monitoring for power users on Acer computer.
Acer Software

Acer ePower Management features a straightforward user interface. To launch it, select Acer ePower Management from the Empowering Technology interface.

AC Mode (Adapter Mode)

The default setting is "Maximum Performance." You can adjust CPU speed, LCD brightness and other settings, or click on buttons to turn the following functions on/off: wireless LAN, Bluetooth, CardBus, fireware (1394), wired LAN and optical device if supported.

DC Mode (Battery Mode)

There are four pre-defined profiles: Entertainment, Presentation, Word Processing, and Battery Life. You can also define up to three of your own.

To Create a New Power Profile

  1. Change power settings as desired.
  2. Click Save as... to save to a new power profile.
  3. Name the newly created profile.
  4. Select whether this profile is for Adapter or Battery mode, then click OK.
  5. The new profile will appear in the profile list.

Battery Status

For real-time battery life estimates based on current usage, refer to the panel on the upper half side of the window.

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For additional options, click Settings to:

  • Set alarms.
  • Reload factory defaults.
  • Select what actions to be taken when the cover is closed or the power button is pressed.
  • Set passwords for accessing the system after Hibernation or Stand-by.
  • View information about Acer ePower Management.
Acer Power Management Aspire 7110

Acer ePresentation Management lets you project your computer's display to an external device or projector using the hotkey: <Fn> + <F5>. If auto-detection hardware is implemented in the system and the external display supports it, your system display will be automatically switched out when an external display is connected to the system. For projectors and external devices that are not auto-detected, launch Acer ePresentation Management to choose an appropriate display setting.

NOTE: If the restored resolution is not correct after disconnecting a projector, or you need to use an external resolution that is not supported by Acer ePresentation Management, adjust your display settings using Display PropNoteiP r the utility provided by the graphics vendor.

Using theKBfctem Utilities

NOTE: The system utilities work under Microsoft Windows XP only.

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