Disassembling the Main Unit

Separating the Upper Case and the Lower Case

  1. Carefully release the media board FFC lock because it is fragile. Then disconnect the media board FFC.
  2. Release the 12 screws securing the upper case and the lower case on the bottom side.
  3. Release the four hexagonal screws securing the external VGA port and the DVI-D port.
  4. Release the two screws securing the upper case and the lower case on the upper side.
  5. Then detach the upper case from the main unit.
Acer Aspire 8930g BottomAcer Travelmate 5510

Removing the Power Board and the Modem Board

  1. Detach the power board slightly.
  2. Release the two screws securing the modem board.
  3. Detach the modem board then disconnect the modem board cable.
Acer 1520 Remove Vga Board

Removing the Main Board

  1. Disconnect the speakers cable and the microphone cable.
  2. Release the screw securing the main board.
  3. Slightly pull the edge of the lower case from the left side and at the same time push the main board on the bottom side to pop up the main board.
  4. Repeat Step 3 from the rear side.
  5. Then detach the main board. If your system is equipped with Bluetooth module, please place the main board on the lower case as shown. Do not abruptly remove the main board from the lower case.
8930g MainboardBluetooth Modul Acer Travelmate 5210

Removing the Bluetooth Module

  1. Place the main board as shown.
  2. Tear off the tinsel.
  3. Disconnect the Bluetooth module cable and remove the main board.
  4. Remove the Bluetooth module.
Disassemble Acer Aspire 5738

Removing the Speakers

  1. Release the two screws securing the speakers.
  2. Then detach the speakers.
Acer Aspire 5532 Removing The Mouse Pad

Removing the Touch Pad Board

  1. Slightly unlock the touch pad FFC lock by nail and disconnect the touch pad FFC.
  2. Release the screw holding the touch pad board bracket then remove the touch pad board bracket.
  3. Detach the touch pad board.
Remove Heatsink Acer Aspire 5920g

Removing the VGA Heatsink

  1. Release the two screws securing the VGA heatsink.
  2. Then detach the VGA heatsink.
Aspire 8942 Remove Vga

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