Disassembling the LCD Module

  1. Remove the four screw cushions on the LCD bezel then release the four screws holding the LCD bezel.
  2. Carefully detach the LCD bezel from the LCD module.
  3. Tear off the tapes holding the LVDS cable and the LCD cable then release the two screws securing the inverter board.
Acer Aspire 4736 Lcd
  1. Carefully disconnect the LVDS cable.
  2. Carefully disconnect the LCD cable then remove the inverter board.
  3. Release the two screws securing the LCD panel.
  4. Then detach the LCD panel.
  5. Release the eight screws holding the left and right LCD brackets and remove the LCD brackets.
Ram Location Acer Aspire 5110

Tear off the tape holding the LCD cable. Carefully pull and disconnect the LCD cable.

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    How to remove LCD screen Acer traVELMATE 5510 ?
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