Replacing the Thermal Module

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WARNING:To prevent damage to the Thermal Module or the CPU, hold the Thermal Module by both ends at the same time.

IMPORTANT:If the replacement Thermal Module does not include the thermal protection pad shown below, reuse the original thermal protection pad with the new Thermal Module.

Acer 4736g Thermal Module

1. Align and place the Thermal Module in the on the 2. Remove the four screws from the Thermal Module mainboard as shown. numerically, from 1 to 4.

Acer Aspire 4736zg Motherboard
3. Connect fan cable to the mainboard as shown.
Acer 4736z Diagram

1. Replace the RJ-11 Port in the casing as shown. 2. Place the cable bundle in the casing and apply pressure to secure the adhesive in place.

3. Run the cable along the cable channel using all 4. Replace the adhesive tape and insert the cable available cable clips. through the casing as shown.

5. Pull the cable through the casing completely. 6. Turn the computer over and run the cable along the cable channel using all available cable clips.

1. Ensure that the Mainboard is face up. Place the Mainboard in the chassis, left hand edge first to allow the I/O Ports through the casing, then lower it into place.

2. Ensure the screw socket is aligned. Replace the single securing screws as shown.

Tesla Motor Control

NOTE: Make sure the I/O ports are positioned correctly through the lower cover, and the screw sockets are visible through the mainboard.

3. Replace the RJ-11 cable in the retaining clip on the Mainboard.

Mainboard Acer Aspire 4736

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